How to Remove Window Tint Bubbles without Any Damage


Car tints can be an excellent way to protect against the sun and other harmful UV rays. But they can sometimes be a nuisance. Your car’s window tint can trap moisture between the layers on your exterior. This moisture usually gets trapped inside the window and is difficult to remove. Sometimes, however, these trapped bubbles of moisture come out due to something as simple and as high as humidity or rain. You may notice that the tinted foil bubbles at the corners and sides, allowing moisture to escape. Read on if you want to get rid of these annoying bubbles, without damaging your car’s finish.

Bubbles without Any Damage

Reduce Humidity Firstly

you need to lower the level of humidity in your car interior. This can be done by opening some windows or using a dehumidifier. This will remove the excess moisture in the air, preventing your tint from bubbling.

Keep the interior of the car wiped with a cloth to remove any residue that has accumulated. You can use a desiccant if you live in an area with heavy rains and high humidity.

Keep the Surface Dry

┬áIf it is raining, keep your car under a roof. Keep your car’s roof and windows as dry as you can. This will prevent any moisture from the air from leaving water marks on the surface and damaging the tint. You can wipe away any water drops from your car’s top with a washcloth.

Try a Hair Dryer

If you have tried all the above methods and you still see bubbles on your tinted windows and roof, try using a hairdryer on low heat to gently warm them up. It will make the water droplets evaporate and blow away from the surface. This makes it easier to remove bubbles. Do this before the bubbles become too hot, so as not to damage your paintwork.

Use an Air Duct Brush

If the bubbles persist after you have tried using the hair dryer, then you can use an air duct brush to increase the airflow inside your car. It will blow any dust and water droplets that may have accumulated on the surface. This will make it easier to remove bubbles. After you have scrubbed the interior with the brush, use a clean cloth to remove any dust or water droplets.

Chemical Residue Remover

If you have tried all the above methods and still see bubbles in your window tint you can use a chemical residue remover to break up the glue holding the bubbles together. These kits can be purchased online for less than $10.

To loosen bubbles, you simply spray Isopropyl Alcohol on the tool and wipe it over the bubbles. Do this before the temperature gets too high, so as not to damage your paintwork.

Avoiding Damage When Repainting

Your car tint can bubble up so much that it is impossible to remove the bubbles. Be careful to not damage the paint finish when you remove the bubbles.

You can take your car to a body shop or dealership that offers bubble removal. You can also take your car to a car wash in your area that offers tint cleaning.

This article should have helped you to understand how air bubbles form on your tinting foil. Most of the time, reducing the humidity in your car is enough to remove bubbles. Use your best judgment, and be clean and patient, when you remove those annoying water bubbles. You don’t want to damage the finish of your car!

If you’re unsure, let the pros handle it. If the bubbling is severe and seems to be permanent, you may need to completely replace your window tint.

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