How do I know if a part is compatible with my car?


France has nearly 54 million motorists who have had to maintain their vehicle or carry out repairs at some point. In order to save their budget, the majority choose to buy their own spare parts. However, the fear of opting for a model that is incompatible with one’s vehicle is always present. This article reveals some tips to avoid making mistakes when buying your parts.

Take part references

One of the ways to guarantee the compatibility of a spare part is to record its references. On the one hand, we have the manufacturer reference also called OEM number. This indication is written directly on the piece. Therefore, it will have to be disassembled to access it more easily. However, since this number corresponds to the date of manufacture of the car, it is also mentioned under the hood or the driver’s door. On the other hand, there is the manufacturer reference. The latter can be seen in various places, in particular section D.2 of the registration certificate. Thus, to ensure that the spare part is compliant, it must have an OEM number or a similar manufacturer’s reference.

Use websites

Today, many paid or free sites provide information on the reliability of a part. Some require the creation of a customer account. By registering, the user can communicate the type of part sought, the model of his car and its date of manufacture. The site will then present a selection of parts likely to be mounted on the vehicle with the option of placing an order. The advantage with websites is access to specific parts while benefiting from an affordable price. This is the case of the cheap rear brake disc which is the most common form of brake, but difficult to find on the market for certain models. First of all, it is recommended to ensure that the database of the site presenting the part to be searched for is up to date.

Call an expert

Mechanics are not everyone’s responsibility and dismantling a part can be complex. In this case, it is better to call on an expert in the field before making the purchase. It can be a dealership, a garage or specialized mechanical stores. At first, they will be interested in the chassis number or registration number of the vehicle. Subsequently, various tools will be implemented to quickly identify the references of the part. Finally, an estimate will be established to allow the customer to buy the part himself.

The brand issue

When looking for auto parts, a variety of models is offered in a multitude of brands so that it is not always easy to find your way around. For certain spare parts, particularly those of the engine, it is preferable to choose those which have the same brand as that of the automobile. As for the other parts, they are universal and therefore do not require any specific brand. This is the case, for example, of the windshield, brake pads and headlights.

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