What are the breakdowns of a car or a motorcycle?


Whether it’s a four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicle, a breakdown can happen at any time and there are many causes. If you have a car or a motorbike, it is always necessary to foresee breakdowns in order to better anticipate them.

Read on to find out what to know about breakdowns and how to react when your vehicle malfunctions.

The most common car breakdowns

A fault coming from the battery

This is the most common problem. While driving on the road, your vehicle may break down due to insufficient charging leading to starter and alternator inefficiency. Sometimes when you turn on all the power-hungry things like the radio, heater or fan, headlights, and defroster, your battery can struggle. Then turn them off and try to start the car. In winter, the batteries are often weak enough to power the engine and breakdowns can happen at any time.

In general, the service life does not exceed five years. If the starting difficulties recur often, consider taking your car to the Paris car repair and breakdown service nearest to you in order to change the battery.

A fault related to the alternator

Over time, the alternator belt can wear out causing the alternator and all parts attached to it to not function properly. You can notice this kind of problem from abnormal noises coming from the hood of your car. In this case, it is necessary to change the belt as soon as possible.

A fault related to the electrical circuit

You are stuck on the road with a car that refuses to start. A breakdown can come from the spark plugs which no longer provide enough spark to produce combustion in the engine. The malfunction can also be linked to the ignition coil which fails to play its role correctly. So remember to consult an auto electrician to detect the cause.

A breakdown related to the braking tool

Braking problems are also very common. They can occur due to wear of the brake discs and pads. It is therefore recommended that you take your car to the Paris auto repair and breakdown garage to carry out the change and thus avoid any possible accident.

A breakdown due to a problem with the cooling circuit

This breakdown is very busy during the winter. Indeed, the drop in temperatures can cause a problem with the coolant. So remember to make a mixture of water and antifreeze that you can find in DIY stores. This will protect the engine and thus prevent corrosion.

Failure due to insufficient fuel

When the fuel level is reduced, a breakdown may occur. Everyone knows this. It is therefore necessary to always check the fuel so as not to break down on the road.

The most common motorcycle faults

An electrical failure

In general, a motorcycle can break down due to the malfunction of the electrical circuit. This kind of problem can be caused by coil spark plugs, wiring, fuses, battery, etc.

When driving on the road, it is very easy to guess an electrical fault. But it is a bit complicated to fix it. It would be a good idea to take your scooter to the nearest Paris motorcycle repair and breakdown service to your location. Indeed, such a breakdown requires the intervention of a mechanic experienced in the brand of your motorcycle.

If the electrical circuit is working properly and the vehicle still does not start, consider checking the engine.

A mechanical failure

The mechanical failure can be the cause of an oil leak, a faulty fuel supply, improperly connected fuel… the list of probable failures is quite long! If the failure is detectable when it is hot or cold, it may be an adjustment to be made. When the mechanical failure is detected quickly, it would be easier to repair it.

Above all, avoid repairing the motorcycle alone. You can cause engine damage through carelessness. Preferably, it is necessary to call on a professional motorcycle repair Paris who has the know-how to repair or troubleshoot all types of scooters.

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