How to rent a car without a Paris license?


Cars without a license (VSP), are becoming more and more popular with consumers these days. Indeed, several reasons can lead us to turn to this practical and secure travel option. These types of car have continued to experience strong growth since 2016. Indeed, many people have their license withdrawn each year. This solution then interests them so much, that it becomes beneficial for the producers of carts, but also garages which offer car rental without a Paris license. What do you need to know before renting a car without a license?

First step: establish the needs

In big cities like Paris, the car remains a fast and convenient way to get around. However, because of an infraction, you may be subject to a license suspension. Some people have never been able to get their license, others have had their license withdrawn. Several reasons can push a person like another to rent a car without a Paris license .

Several rental companies today offer the latest car models. Before choosing the model that suits you, you must first think about your car needs. For how long will you need it. However, you can also choose your cart based on the design that appeals to you the most.

Nowadays, parents and children will be able to have independence and no longer wait for someone to be able to drive to class or to the swimming pool. The appearance of cars without a license is a real help for parents who do not always have time to drive their children to all the places they want, especially when they do not want to take public transport.

Step two: establish your budget

For a car rental without a Paris license, you can choose between several offers and take the one that best suits your budget. First, you will need to define the duration of the rental. This duration may vary depending on the client. For car rental services without a Paris permit, the price varies according to the duration.

For a 30-day car rental, the rental price is around 17 euros per day. The longer the duration, the more your budget will be reduced. As for a rental period of more than 3 months, the price is around 15 euros per day. It is good to know that in the price is included all risk insurance.

The budget should also be based on the delivery of the car. In terms of car without a license, the Paris license-free car rental company provides customers with several models of golf carts. The day you pick up your rental car, you must pay a deposit. This deposit can be worth between 1000 euros and 2000 euros

Other points to consider

Renting a car without a license requires a notion of driving. Moreover, the motorist should have the AM license, formerly called BSR. The latter is obtained following training based on theoretical and practical courses about driving and road safety. In addition, the car without a license is reserved for passengers whose minimum age is 14 years and a minimum height of 1.5m. For the number of places in this cart, there are only two. In addition, these cars can only use national and departmental roads. They can only travel on unregulated roads.

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