How to save on your car rental in Spain?

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Renting a vehicle in Spain is highly recommended to visit its islands and easily access hidden beaches, caves, mountains… For future travelers, here are some tips and tricks to save on your car rental.

Use a specialized vehicle comparator in Spain

Comparing offers online is essential for a successful car rental. Even more, it is recommended to use a comparator dedicated to car rental in Spain with a wide selection of international and local agencies. This is to take advantage of its expertise in this country and its relationships with many landlords. Discover more info on which compares more than 50 agencies in Spain for free, with no booking fees or hidden costs. Do not hesitate to consult the comparator frequently until you find an offer not to be missed.

Book your car in advance and on a convenient date

Many travelers hesitate to rent a vehicle early for fear of missing out on a great deal. But market research shows you’re more likely to save on car rental if you book in advance. Agencies try to rent their vehicles as often as possible, and offer discounts on early bookings to increase occupancy. The question is whether the economy rental date is right for you. Hence the importance of having a flexible schedule. Try, as much as possible, to adapt the dates of your stay.

Choose a small car to reduce related expenses

Spain is a country well served by quality road networks. This is the case in all regions of tourist interest, except perhaps for a few lost and hidden sites. In general, you will have no difficulty getting around with a small vehicle that you can park conveniently and continue on foot if necessary. Renting a small car is cheaper than renting an SUV, in addition to the savings on fuel. On the other hand, it is recommended to use a city car to be able to move around town where the neighborhoods are often narrow.

Take only the options you need

The options included in the rental offers are attractive, and you can even decide to pay more for them. But they are not always useful and it is not uncommon to pay for a feature that is not used in the end. Before booking a vehicle , ask yourself if you really need GPS, car seat, secondary driver and many other options offered by car rental companies. Consult your travel program and determine your rental needs according to the activities and destinations planned.

Return the rental vehicle to the same location

Finally, it is recommended to return the car to where you picked it up, i.e. to the same office of the rental agency. The ability to drop off a vehicle in another city or even another country is attractive, convenient to some degree, but certainly not economical. If you must make a one-way rental, try to choose the most advantageous route.

Online comparators offer tips, guides and interesting content to help you with your car rental. You can also request assistance from customer service.

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